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A Full Day of Pear 亚博电竞Recipes

Pear Hand Pie Recipe
Our 皇家里维埃拉梨收获已接近尾声,which means we can start prepping for delicious pear 亚博电竞recipes.Over the years,we've cooked up our fair share of 亚博电竞recipes so it's safe to say we have a few favorites.Pears pair so well with a variety of meat,奶酪,nuts and,当然,巧克力。Some of the best pear 亚博电竞recipes take advantage of these perfect pairings to create a final dish that will make your taste buds oh-so-happy.Get ready because you have six pear recipes waiting for you to enjoy all day,从早餐到甜点。This sounds like the perfect day,don't you agree??

A Full Day of Meals with Royal Riviera Pears



Pancakes with Chocolate and Candied PearsBreakfast is the most important meal of the day,但是没有人说它也不能是最美味的!These simple buttermilk pancakes are topped with mounds of candied pears and decadent melted Harry & David chocolate truffles.知道这些薄煎饼在等,很难入睡。

Lunch –Pecan,梨蓝奶酪沙拉

Pecan Pear and Blue Cheese SaladNow that you're filled with delicious pancakes,午餐我们吃一份很好的脆色拉。This salad has a homemade dressing that makes these simple and fresh ingredients feel like a celebration.

Appetizer –Brie and Pear Tartlet

Brie Tartlet如果不把梨和布里干酪搭配起来,我们连晚饭都做不到。These easy-to-make pear tartlets make a great appetizer before dinner or drinks,or even as a midday snack.Call your friends over,they'll love these pretty treats.

桑格里亚Pears and White Wine


A day of celebrating pears wouldn't be complete without drinks.This sangria features Harry & David's Pinot Gris,柑橘,and pears.Cheers!!

Dinner –Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pears and Brie

梨布里鸡Salty prosciutto and peppery arugula create the perfect balance,尤其是搭配奶油布里干酪和梨时。This stuffed chicken breast recipe from SkinnyTaste is still one of our favorite ways to enjoy chicken.

Dessert –梨和苹果樱桃巧克力手派

Pear and Chocolate Hand PiesIt only seems right to end the day how we started…with chocolate.这些可爱的小手馅饼装了一大瓶酒和一个梨,apple,and chocolate cherry filling all drizzled with melted truffles.再来一杯你的梨圣杯和一个手馅饼(或三个!) to relish in your delicious day of pears.Well done,you did it!我们喜欢尝试梨食谱,亚博电竞what are some of your favorites??

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